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Is your website under-performing?

There are visitors on your website but no one really buys or fills in the enquiry form?

Is it generating zero leads and results for your business?

Does it take ages to open-up in a mobile device?

Are you just bored looking at the same design for all these years?

Website Redesign Services

Considering a period of growth or restructure of various market components, your website today might not be with its best face-value in front of your most potential clients. That is where our 360 degrees approach across a range of front end and back end development solutions makes the difference.

To be precise, the processes might include any or all of the following:

❏ Customer-centric

Your website should speak about YOU – this is the biggest failure most businesses (and even other agencies) end up considering. We see it differently though – Your website is always for the people who end up using it – your visitors and clients. Therefore, redesign is not only about updating the looks but should primarily be about coming closer to their needs, their pains and be aligned with your business goals.

❏ Performance Concentrated

Your most potential client has a very short attention span – you know that, correct? If you website does not open within 2 or 3 seconds – doesn’t matter your visitor is on a mobile device or a desktop, they will skip, close and move on to one of your other competitors immediately. We work with Google Webmaster tools to identify the areas of improvements on your website to get maximum acceleration.

❏ Crisp & Modern Design

If Retro or Old school is the core theme of your business – then it’s fine! But, if it’s not and your website still looks like it’s stuck in the early nineties, it is bound to greatly influence how people think of you and your company negatively. A design that testaments your trustworthiness, is consistent across your marketing channels and most importantly does not confuse your customer – will make the difference!

❏ Conversion Led Presence

Start converting those browsers into buyers – let’s come to the point straight! A user-focused and a data-led approach sets the journey up – our redesign and other bespoke solutions are created with conversions in mind and to work across the devices most used by your potential customers.

Engagement Models

You get to choose from the following engagement models based on your website redesign requirements, timeline and budget:


A routine schedule or a fixed set of tasks to be performed with a specified timeline for completion is one of the most feasible and economical options our clients work on.

Full-time / Part-time Resource

Creating a dedicated resource to work exclusively on your website tasks with a minimum and maximum number of devoted hours in a given week.

Annual Maintenance

This includes the entire care-taking of the existing website, recommendations, corrective measures or porting over platforms etc. is offered.

Technologies & Platforms that we ❤ working in:



WordPress, WooCommerce








Others - Ajax, REST, JSON, XML

You ask, We explain

Have questions in mind? We have the answers..

Can you help me update my existing website that another web firm built?

Yes, we do! Though there are greater issues of liability of multiple programmers touching the same code over time. Therefore, we start-off reviewing, assessing and analysing your existing website code – an assessment report is shared with yourselves highlighting the areas of vulnerabilities (if any) in conjunction with the updates and redesign requirements. Once we are on the same page with the entire scope of the work, we proceed further.

How could I discuss my requirements about my website revamp project as I am based in Lalaland?
No worries – we can arrange a virtual meeting via Skype, Google Hangouts etc. on your convenient date & time – we would take the conversation further via phone calls and emails as well.

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