Water Gurus

Create awareness and educate people on the importance on saving water was the primary purpose of creating this mobile app.


  • Water Gurus

Eko Guru approached us to help create a mobile app that would create awareness on what amount of water we consume on a daily basis through research and innovative user engagement initiatives.

The challenge was to create the graphics that could appeal to even the non-techie users as well as keep a minimalist user-experience that urges the user to complete the survey and see the results before they could share it across social media.

Increased customer awareness

Water Gurus is available as both an Android and iOS app integrated with a unique algorithm that generates the amount of water consumed each day based on an individual’s water-usage habits.

From an Idea to a Brand

The team Eko Guru started with nothing more than an idea and relied on our team to help them bring to life their app – primarily yo create awareness and for a social cause — a win-win for the entire community.

Interactive, Engaging & Insightful

Meeting the minds of the owners, we ensured the app should be less about the transaction and more about the human connection & awareness.

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