Thin Lenses

Needed a website that is search-friendly, one that converts users into customers as well as sets the SEO foundations for future growth and leverage sales.


  • Line Pilates

Thin Lenses literally struggled with their previous website – the way it was built and structured – desperately needed a website which could start getting them more targetted users and eventual sales.

The direction for the newly designed website was all about creating engagement, to help Thin Lenses drive initial excitement around their virtual try-on’s and generate leads. Thin Lenses are high Index Lenses Specialists based in UK, catering for almost every prescription.

Bringing it all together

Our content-and-image driven user flow embedded in this WooCommerce website guides visitors through the brand story, creating an exciting emotional connection to drive conversions.

extensible functionality & a Great Design

We integrated WooCommerce (eCommerce) that gave them fairly easier option to maintain the content on their website, process orders, generate sales reports etc. by their staff who possessed average technical expertise. The online inventory is a vital resource for people looking for prescriptions up to +/-20.00 SPH, so when they are looking for information, Thin Lenses is the first place they turn to.

Out-of-the-box Strategy

& Implementation

The customer and we both like winning (and that made things easier!) They wanted results and that’s precisely what we delivered 🙂

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