Catering to the Inevitable Evolution of Your App

Understanding goals, gaining insights, evaluating feedback and implementing changes

Why should I really update my mobile app? – you might ask!

Here’s why you must:

New devices are released – your app might not be compatible with all the latest ones
New Android and iOS operating systems are launched
Programming languages are updated every now and then
Your users’ demands and trends have changed
Security standards are continuously changing and so should your app standards accordingly

App Maintenance & Support Services

Our Mobile App revamp services include maintenance, enhancements and redeploying business function critical apps so you can focus on creating value in your business.
To be precise, the processes might include any or all of the following:

❏ App Updates
A new device launched in the market? An OS update is effecting the performance of your app? Do you experience bugs and errors within your app? Have your users been posting app crashing instances in the reviews section recently? All of these are addressed, defects resolved and getting the updates back quickly into the app store.
❏ App Enhancement
Perhaps you are looking to optimize your app for better execution; Or perhaps addition of latest features based on trends or needs; porting of apps to latest platforms – anything and everything that helps in retaining your target audience and customers over time, is looked after.
❏ App Monitoring
Our professionals conduct a thorough monitoring of your app analytics, cash instances, security vulnerabilities, source code repository and versioning. This comprehensive method of work approach ensures minimum downtime for your customers and a smooth scale-up for your app back into the stores.
❏ App Support
Knowledge sharing is knowledge gaining – and we sincerely believe in it. Addressing questions, concerns or confusions of individual enthusiasts, start-ups and established businesses has been our USP. With our online ticket system, offline support, chat or a direct phone call – we are here to help!

Engagement Models

You get to choose from the following engagement models based on your app requirements, timeline and budget:


A routine schedule or a fixed set of tasks to be performed with a specified timeline for completion is one of the most feasible and economical options our clients work on.

Full-time / Part-time Resource

Creating a dedicated resource to work exclusively on your app tasks with a minimum and maximum number of devoted hours in a given week.

Annual Maintenance Agreement

This includes the entire care-taking of the existing app, recommendations, corrective measures and app version upgrades based on futuristic OS changes etc. is offered.

Technologies & Platforms that we ❤ working around:


Android Studio

React Native

Ionic Framework




You ask, We explain

Have questions in mind? We have the answers..

How much does it cost to update an App?
Primarily, the answer to this stays in the following questions: in what shape and condition your existing app is; how many and what nature of bugs does your app has; the level of support required at this stage; the quantum and type of resource and work involved. These are some of the basic pointers that eventually suggest what kind of a cost your app update might include. But really speaking, there could be no projections made for the cost unless a particular OS update has been released and/or the scope of the items to be worked upon has been identified. Anyone who gives you an estimate before this – beware!
What is the process you follow for an app maintenance and update?
It is a step-by-step and proven methodology that we follow – primarily this includes:
a. Problem identification & analysis
b. Functional & UI/UX uplift of the app
c. Strategic & Critical app upgrade
d. Performance monitoring, management & Testing
e. Preventive Maintenance & Support

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