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Inbound Optimized Website Development

Website solutions that combine award-winning web development methodologies with marketing fundamentals to drive real-world ROI for your business. Just imagine the limitless possibilities when your website includes closed-loop marketing tracking with the HubSpot Content Optimization System (COS) in place

– Incredible, isn’t it?

Which end of the river are you standing at?

I’m looking for a NEW Website

I’m looking to redesign my website to generate more engagement

I want to fix a few pages and bugs in my existing website.

Well, someone said “Rome wasn’t built in a day”


But, fret not – after an initial conversation and working out on a plan, the process happens in five easily-digestible steps:

Wireframes → Interactive Prototyping → Development → Testing → Launch

With technology on your side, we bring you a unique fusion of creativity and innovation through the following

PHP (Framework) Website Development

Frameworks include Laravel, Zend, CodeIgniter, Symfony, CakePHP – currently running some of the biggest websites on the Internet.

Laravel Development

Key features include faster development time with support of in-built modular package system, a more streamlined authentication and robust security against SQL injections etc.

WordPress Website Development

One of the most widely used and accepted CMS around – provides convenient content syndication, is cost-effective and search engine friendly.

Angular JS Website Development

Rated as one of the best frameworks for building dynamic web applications, it’s not difficult to understand why more industries are switching to Angular.

Node JS Development

Best fit for real-time web applications, the platform provides easy updating, sharing, as well as opportunities for code reuse.

Magento Website Development

Complete eCommerce solution with Multi-language and API framework, plugin-ready – already supporting some of the largest online stores around the world.

Bootstrap Website Development

With the great possibilities of customization with Bootstrap, the platform is known for its incredible support for mobile-first approach and responsiveness it provides.

Choosing Red Fox over other web developers is inevitable

These are some important factors worth considering that will help you through your decision making:

❏ Inbound Obsessed
Attract – Convert – Close – Delight: The four mantras we follow with the right strategy implemented in your website is bound to bring results
❏ Factoring your Target Market
We take into account all of your branding and target audience as part of our persona consideration phase followed by Strategy, Wireframes, Full color design proofs, Developing the designs & Launch
❏ Upkeep and Innovation
Our priority lies in innovation meshed with inbound best practices and goal based methodology for peak results
❏ Customized Experiences for Visitors
A progressive enhancement-based mobile design and a buyer insight-driven digital strategy applied to all of your web properties – Blogs, Landing Pages, content is followed closely
❏ Flexibility & Alternatives
While we recommend HubSpot, we can build your website on any platform including WordPress, WooCommerce, PHP Framework, Magento, HTML5 and others
❏ Awesome Support
An on-going support & maintenance is offered even after we successfully complete your project – that’s because we stand behind our work – always!


Web Development FAQs

How much do you charge? How much for a website?

We’ll be able to give you a ballpark figure when we’ve asked you a few questions to understand your wish-list and envisioned website – this initial interaction does not take (usually) more than 15 minutes, depending on the nature and size of your website.

Will my website be Search Engine friendly?

All our website work is compliant with search engine guidelines. It is a good idea to get your existing website re-evaluated if it hasn’t been done over a period of time – there are a lot of search engine algorithm updates that happen every now and then – it is only wise to keep-up your website with these.

How will I make sure it was worth my investment?

We will be sending you complete performance and testing report so you can tab-in the health of your website when launched and how it stands potentially across Google’s Search console, Speed index and so on.

If I have an existing website, do you do redesigns?
Yes, we do – keeping in mind your short-term and long-term vision and goals of your website.
I want to sell products and services from my website, do you do E-commerce?
Yes, we design and develop ecommerce websites across Woocommerce, Magento and customized websites on PHP Frameworks.

Looking for an estimation?

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