A Start-to-End App Development Approach

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A Start-to-End App development process

MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for your Mobile App

The first question that comes to your mind perhaps is – What really is an MVP?

Well, simply put, an MVP is a fundamental version of an application. An MVP allows you to launch your app relatively quickly with only the core features primarily to be able to test it within a limited group of your targeted audiences. The idea here is to gather a thorough feedback obtained from the early adopters, based on which, you may add your comprehensive set of features to create the actual version of your app.

Preparing an initial model

Market Research

Ideation & Concept Validation

Design Process & User Workflow

Features List & Specifications

Coding, Development & Integration

Measure, Analyse & Learn

Our Mobile App Development Life Cycle Anatomy

Periodic fine-tuning of our app development processes only ensure improved and faster turn-around of the products developed

❏ Analysis

This starts with your app requirements gathering followed by a significant set of considerations to each component. These considerations are how can your mobile app benefit its users – what value does it provide to the users – Android or iOS or both platforms – so on and so forth. This sets-up the path to identify and define the technology stack, product specifications, wireframes and other profitable content for your business mobile app.

❏ Prototyping

The sequence really is Blueprinting the concepts defined in the previous stage – followed by creating Interactive prototypes i.e. designs screens integrated in a logical sequence so you get a 360 degree experience of how your future app might look and feel like. The User Interface and the User Experience closely aligned with the user flow is another significant aspect as it confirms that nothing has been missed out while considering your future app.

❏ Core Development

We believe in building your app in shorter Sprints – weekly or bi-weekly and here’s why so: you get to try (in real) your app, earlier than the completed version; allows you to track our progress in a better way; and most importantly we get your feedback faster that eventually helps us shape-up your app just like you’d want it to be. Subtle iterations and changes are embraced through this stage as we do not want you to feel bounded to a fixed scope and end-up having features that are not required at all.

❏ Quality Assurance

A rigorous testing across the built-up app for usability, layout, content, functionality along with test scripts that are developed and run for all possible user scenarios to test the app compliance with the initially gathered requirements and standards. Any bugs and fixes are applied prior to releasing the app binaries t yourselves for a thorough testing at your end on the actual devices.

❏ Support & Maintenance

For apps that we develop, our SLAs include uninterrupted access to our support system post-launch that includes, assistance, tutorials, database maintenance and analysis, data import or export, source code retention and knowledge gaining (understanding of a component used in your app). Even if we did not build your app in the first place, we’d be glad to look into the areas of your app maintenance and support required for it.

Technologies & Platforms that we ❤ creating innovations on:

React Native


Android Studio

Ionic Framework





Your Project will be in Safe Hands

Let’s picture this:

  • I have a brilliant app idea
  • This app could make million bucks and change lives of people
  • But, I’m too afraid to share the app idea with anyone as it might be stolen or copied
  • Moreover, what if you re-use the project code to clone and build apps for others?

Now picture this:

  • From the very first interaction, every engagement & details shared by you is underpinned by an Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
  • This NDA captures complete confidentiality, data security, information security, physical security
  • Limiting rights to disclose proprietary information indirectly or directly outside the project management team or the company
  • Limiting rights from using, copying, publishing, summarizing or removing any proprietary data
  • Isolated project teams & encrypting sensitive information ensuring no cross-contamination between projects happens

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