With the rise of new website coding technologies such as HTML5, Javascripts and jQuery, and the obsolesce of old technologies such as the Flash, websites are now amazing as ever. Having a compelling design on your web site boosts traffic on it. Web users are now requiring websites with eye catching effects to shove off boredom and avoid clicking that dreaded back button. Combining these new website coding techniques will yield the Parallax Web Design, which is the most sought type of design nowadays. But everything has its positive and negative areas, including the Parallax. In this article, we will explain to you almost everything about Parallax.

What is Parallax?

Parallax web design do have moving background and foreground graphics with wavering speeds to create an illusion of three dimensional depths. A lot of big companies are now starting to capitalize in that technology to improve their own websites. They are Nike, Oakley and Apple, just to name a few. With parallax technology, they are now able to give their customers with a more rewarding and more amazing king of a web experience.

How does it work?

Before Flash was thrown out of the circle, web experts thought they have already reached the top of the web animation industry. One of Flash disadvantages is it is not friendly to search engines and a tech giant doesn’t include Flash compatibility to their devices. Web developers instead used HTML5, jQuery, CSS3, Javascript and other methodologies as a workaround in producing parallax scrolling.

Why invest in Parallax Scrolling?

For eCommerce sites

Parallax scrolling assures you that every visitor on your website will be left astonished and amazed with how your website works. This would be very beneficial if you already have an established brand or if you have a good SEO and search engine ranking.

Mind Blowing User Experience

Parallax scrolling sites provide its visitors with a slick, stylish and elegant experience that leaves them wanting for more. Everyone want things that are cool and amazing and if you give them that experience on your website, it would leave them thirsty for your content and would frequent or even invite others to come see your page.

Decrease Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate is the percentage of the visitors of your sites that frequently click the back button without opening any more pages on your sites. Having a high bounce rate can have a negative impact on your site’s ranking. With parallax scrolling, you can reduce a user’s back button usage, and therefore the bounce rate, by putting all of your content in a single page while making the scrolling the most amazing way possible. Aside from that, a parallax site encourages a longer stay by your visitors as it offers a very mind blowing experience.

Improved Experience sharing

The forefathers of technology are working hard in order for everyone to share their stories through the online world without boundaries. To further enhance what you want to convey to your visitors, you can use parallax scrolling as it allows your users to unlock vibrant content about your products as they navigate through your site.

Become a social media trend

Having a parallax web site gives you breathtaking content, and by having this, it could promote and increase every users desire for your content. Regular visitors of your site can share it to their friends and colleagues, resulting in more traffic on your site. Your cool content can be very enticing to every user. Who knows, your website can be a social media celebrity?

Parallax Scrolling can be a novice to the web developing industry, but it has become a big boss quickly. Its amazing effects can put you through the top of the market. Having a parallax-induced website will surely distinguish you apart from your competitors.

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