With the rise of different computer viruses, Trojan horses, malware, spyware and most recently, ransomware infection nowadays, it is something that businesses should be wary of. Take an example from the latest ransomware infection that is Petya and WannaCry Ransomware. A lot of businesses in Europe has to take down operations due to their infected systems and the blockage of the malware to their file access. Everyone should be vigilant on these types of technological crisis but many businesses ignore this, mainly due to the fact that it is a bit costly in their end to upgrade and boost the security of their systems, but regret comes after the damage is done.

A lot of businesses, especially the small ones, just use a free version or a cracked anti-virus software to protect their computers. The Operating Systems are still also in Windows XP, which Microsoft has stopped it support, making them prone to cyberattacks. They always ignore these issues because it is always a stereotype that hackers won’t attack them because they are just small-time. But little did they know that hackers use automated tools to make their search for vulnerable sites easier.

A business’s website is what welcomes your customers. It’s like your storefront. Critical business relationships can be compromised if it’s not safe and secured. No one likes to enter a store with a storefront that is so dirty and full of vandalism right? If your website is a vulnerable one, hackers could use your site to steal your customer’s vital information like names, email addresses, credit card and other economical transaction information. Worst case scenario? Hijacking or crashing your site.

People nowadays are getting very vigilant when it comes to online transactions. Identity theft has been the top consumer complaint. But when you have an excellent web security system, your customers can be confident in shopping through your site. It will be more likely to visit, stay, buy, return and recommend your sites as often as possible. Having a good webs security on your site gives your customers assurance of their personal safety during a transaction.

Getting a web security system isn’t an easy thing to do as well, actually. You first need to take some steps and plans and stick to that, or plan to do an upgrade over time. Passwords should be carefully managed and make sure nobody but your trusted employees now it. One thing you could do is to enroll in a web security service like SiteLock. Another thing is you should get a hosting company for your site that has an undoubted reputation and strong database security. Hosting companies are like the foundation of your site, and foundations need to be strongly built to make your home safer and invulnerable to destruction and attacks. Getting a reputable hosting company isn’t a 100% assurance that you’re safe though. You still need to protect the site itself. What is the sense of having a strong foundation for your house if you don’t lock the door?

Content Delivery Networks or CDNs are also vital to your site’s security. They tend to make your site faster, allowing faster access for your clients and customers. CDNs also offer additional layer of protection for your site through their own firewalls to block malicious traffic to your site.

Lastly, be pre-emptive and take the initiative to get a good web security system. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. It’s better to have a strong security first than to fix the destruction. The downtimes, lags, reputation loss and clean-up are much more difficult to repair that with starting security in the beginning.

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