Do you remember those good-old television ads that you used to hum-along from your childhood? Do you still remember the name of that Ice Cream or Soft Drink Company which you used to love as a child? Do you still remember the colour of its logo?

Well, if you answered yes, just imagine how well a human brain captures and stores ‘visual details’ even after decades – that’s the power of Video Marketing!

Video Marketing has been around for long. It started with the evolution of television and then revolutionized with the introduction of internet and mobile technologies. Marketers have, all through these years, benefited from video ads and commercials, however, only recently the digital marketers have realized its importance and started including it in their campaigns. Let me share a few facts and figures that will convince you on the power of video marketing:


  1. A recent study by Red Fox Web Technologies have found that a video-based marketing post is 500% more effective than print or direct email campaign.
  2. Embedded videos on websites and shared on social media are seen to increase traffic by a whopping 69%.
  3. About 600 million people watch videos online in a given single day.
  4. People of all age groups, even from 3 year old to 80 year old, online videos have become an integral part of their routine giving the marketers and brands more opportunity to make higher impressions.

Here are a few advantages by adapting to Video Marketing for your brand

Soaring Conversion Rates
The cake is in the pudding – Researches performed by agencies across the globe have proven that visual posts and specifically videos get maximum engagement from their audiences.

It’s a simple formula – Sales depend on Leads, Leads generate through Trust and Trust builds with Traffic. When you brand has a greater reach and visibility, more traffic is generated for your brand, the trust factor directly increases which eventually helps in achieving higher revenue and conversion rates.

Favorable Technologies Around
Thanks to the ever-growing telecom and mobility industry. With more and more people using the internet on-the-go and to match-up with the over-whelming demand for faster internet, telecom and mobile companies have lived-up to the expectations so far.

Marketers create more video-based content which is easily accessible to the users with the introduction of 4G, availability of mobile devices and operating systems that even a non-tech savvy person can relate to.

Higher Retention and Optimization Opportunities
Reading the orthodox paragraph-by-paragraph, a lengthy text-based content is boring – I’m sure you’ll agree, no matter how avid a reader you may be.

Videos catch user’s attention in a snap, however, it is also a fact that a user’s attention span is not more than 10 seconds. If your videos are drafted in a manner that it connects with the user and conveys the message in the first 10 seconds effectively, the user will continue to watch through the entire video, otherwise they just close it.

Videos can be tracked in a much better way – with number of times watched, did the user watch it till the end or just left it in between, did they share it with their network? These are questions very difficult to answer when it comes to a text-based or Article. Not just that, video posts have proven to be great supporters in maintaining better search engine rankings and social media presence.

Relatively low cost & time
Videography and photography were considered to be highly-paid service at one time. However, today, and thanks again to the latest technologies, video-making has become quick, easy and affordable – in fact it is perhaps more easy than writing a post.

Having said that, the strategy is the key behind any frequency of Video Marketing that you may consider for your brand. It opens such a wide opportunity of emotionally connecting with your targeted customers. The right message in the right manner to the right audience will make your video marketing efforts bring results.

It’s perhaps not more just an option but almost a necessity for your brand to join the bandwagon of Video Marketing. You can reach us at +1 646 755 9669 or email at [email protected] to know how we can assist you in video marketing and promotion for your brand.