In this generation, social media is one of the most effective way in advertising almost everything. A whooping 1.71 billion, for now, are signed up on Facebook, not to mention the growing population of other social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

 If social media is proven to boost sales of several brands, it would be also very good for online shops since social media exists on the online world too. According to studies, 90% of consumers get buying ideas from social media and 75% buy a product they have seen on it.

Ways on how social media can increase online sales:

-Analytics can guide you in social media marketing
There is a wide array of platform choices at your disposal. You can have an accurate target on your content and advertising by observing your customer’s responses using analytics tools. With this, you can see in real time everything that you need to better capture your target consumers and quickly reply to them if they have any queries or comments regarding your products and services. It is also very important to evaluate the demographics and behaviors of your visitors so that you could use the correct and essential social media site that can better cater your target consumers. Example, if your target consumers are in the teenage age range, you could do better if you use Snapchat and Instagram. Marketing services for the old or adult ones would not be beneficial if you use these social sites. However, you could benefit if you sell trendy and graphic tees using these social sites.

To better guide you on what social site is perfect for your business, consider these tips:
(1) Facebook provides strong traffic patterns whatever age range could that be. It is also capable of targeting your advertising tightly and has tools for creation of events and promote the business.
(2) Twitter could be used for customer service as it has real time chatting and communication.
(3) For products with high visual quality, Pinterest and Instagram would be perfect to you. Pinterest is perfect for moms and parents, and Instagram is for millennials.

-Having Quality content can build your online site
Creating high quality content on relevant topics on your online site is more beneficial than just having superb sales pitches and product promotion. Your main goal should be producing useful information to create an impression that you truly help your customers. It would be well appreciated by your customers because you also actually help them, not just grabbing money from them. This way, these creates a better trust to you and your brand.

Multimedia content such as short videos, infographics, text bursts and relevant images can be also useful. It makes your customers interested and curious on what this could be and removes boredom from reading long texts. If you have the need to create a long post, see to it that you include images that are very eye catchy and informative. In that way, you don’t bore your readers and actually grow some interest in your brand.

-Engaging Social Commerce content is important
To better involve your customers on your endeavors, it could be beneficial if you ask questions or post polls that really involve them. Encouraging them to leave reviews can be also very good in having a good customer-seller rapport, and also give yourself ideas on what kind of products actually interests your customers. Special offers can be pretty engaging too, but see to it that these offerings are available only for your followers and creating a feeling of urgency using offers that have time limits boost your customer traffic.

These are just a few to increase your online sales using social commerce strategies. These tips however would be very useful to you in driving more traffic to your online store and generate more buyers.

Getting Social Commerce knowledge could be a boost to your sales. Hoping this post can give you a heads up about Social Network and Social commerce. You can also speak to us at +1 646 755 9669 or write-in at [email protected] to see how we can help.