Having excellent online reviews and reputation can be very beneficial for all businesses and entrepreneurs of this generation. However, the impact of your online reputation is very different than that of your business and your professional or personal life. Dealing with negative reviews on your online reputation and strategies can also be much different. To maintain a sound online reputation, one must be aware that everything has its own presence in the internet world.

In this article, we will categorize our solutions depending on how individuals, SMEs (Small-Medium Enterprises) and big brands could handle and uphold a sound online reputation.

Everyone is unrestricted in encountering one or more criticisms and bashing in their everyday lives when they went online. There are no exceptions: student, celebrity, professional, everyone.

A celebrity can get a pretty good images easily by their fans or fans club, followers and bashers. To make them more famous and have a good publicity stint, they just have to get a good PR agency.

But for professionals like lawyers and doctors, it is their sole responsibility to build their own online reputation, especially if they won’t be getting a PR agency for them. Neglecting it isn’t on the cards too as people tend to check things on Google to verify it.

Almost everyone nowadays checks everything, from directions, to reviews, to social networking profiles and names, using Google, before going to a new doctor or coach. Every time search you on Google, they ought to be well informed about almost everything.

Getting negative reviews is inevitable but it is very significant to reply to your client as soon as you see the review. It is also very important to reply to it in the humblest and positive way as possible to somehow alleviate that negative review and avoid it from getting bigger.


Creating an online presence for small businesses is not a familiar concept, as it is always being neglected. There are two types of small businesses:
(1) Has bothered to create a website but does not update it and
(2) haven’t invested in getting a website.
Online reputation is not just having a website. Having a good reputation is also very crucial for a business, success, regardless of having a website or none.

It is on how “large” the operations of your business is on how you will handle your reputation. A one webpage is already enough for small businesses with just a local reach as customers tend to coming in to your physical store personally and what matters most is how you treat them in there. Just having a website is not enough too, as you need to update it in a regular basis.

Big Brands
Nowadays, all big brands have a good online presence because of their specialized marketing teams. Their websites are very well-developed and has a regular social media update on every platform. Each big company has their own reputation marketing teams that has also their own unique strategies, and these strategies need to be well-planned and implemented as a little wrong decision can crash a brand’s reputation that was spent years trying to boost it.

Big brands have already created a trademark for themselves and a status in the industry, so customers don’t expect bad kinds of services or goods produced by them. However, with just one slight wrong thing from your brand can also render your reputation crashed. A local seller’s fault can be easily forgotten but never to big brands.

Big brands also see to it that they are still leading the market especially that competitors are increasing as years go by. Competitors can use your faults on their own advantage. That’s why big brands should be very careful about their services and products.

The importance of having a good online reputation seems to add up as the number of internet users also increment as days go by. Nowadays, it is very important to have an online reputation team regardless of how stable or neophyte you are in the industry.

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