In the competitive digital landscape, companies who can do it all are the ones who can stay ahead of the competition. That’s why at Red Fox, we not only offer top-of-the-line website design and development services, but we also develop and market mobile apps and we offer a variety of digital marketing services, such as search engine optimization, mobile app marketing and app store optimization, social media marketing, and helping you create an overall digital strategy.

With a back-office development team based in India and a customer interface presence in New York, we work to provide great service to companies across the world. We offer a comprehensive and big picture overview of all of your digital needs, including everything from branding, to app development across an array of platforms, to creating a custom web presence that fits your company’s special style and business needs.

As a company that is always pushing to stay ahead of the game and stay on top of our industry, we knew it was time for us to join is a comprehensive B2B guide that helps business buyers find and contact their ideal business services by providing a platform of top-notch research and a directory of detailed, verified third-party reviews. They feature some of the highest-performing companies across a growing number of industries, such as branding, mobile app development, and IT services.

The Red Fox team is happy to reveal that we are featured among other strong digital marketing companies! Companies on are ranked according to factors such as their ability to deliver, client reviews, past and current clients, and work experience as demonstrated through case studies. New companies are always being added, so these rankings change constantly, and to stay at the top, companies must stay at the top of their game. Most importantly, reviews heavily factor into how a company ranks. These reviews are formatted like case studies and are created through brief phone calls that past and current clients conduct with

We are excited to share our first review and we can’t wait to see what other great things our clients have to say about us as we expand our presence on!

The owner of a life coaching platform raved about our work: “On Instagram, 20-30% of my followers liked and commented on it. Approximately 50 qualified people have visited the new website, and they all loved it. They all received the message I intended to send; the feelings of professionalism, confidence, and engagement that they’re sharing with me came through.

He continued to praise our dedicated project management style: “How they manage the project and the clients is impressive. They make sure that the project is right for them and they are right for the client. Their fees are budget conscious. The financial transaction was the easy part.”

A huge thank you to our clients and to We can’t wait to hear more!