The image sharing service and the number one source of creativity and handiwork ideas, Pinterest, has literally billions and photos and images in their database, commonly known as “pins”. The San Francisco-headquartered tech company has already a million of users in which the images uploaded were being organized and saved.

Showing the most eccentric and useful pins can be a bit of a defying task to make, especially that there is already countless content uploaded on the site. To improve the searching and image browsing experience of its users, Pinterest recently made an effort to this issue by joining Accenture’s Technology Vision 2017 Trend 1 with a theme of “AI is the New UI.

To further streamline the browsing experience of each of their users, Pinterest has been experimenting with seeking help using one the latest innovations in the tech world, Artificial Intelligence. One of the products of their quest to user convenience is the Related Pins features. The feature involves taking reference from what users have pinned in the past. Data from this is being used by the AI system to make its recommendations and be made available to the user.

Yet, the brilliant minds behind Pinterest has even a better innovation yet to be released – The Pinterest Lens.

Pinterest Lens is the latest technology that Pinterest hopes to be successful and intuitive, as it just uses your smartphone’s camera. It uses what it detects in the camera to help users further identify, create or buy things they see, whether in the actual or virtual online world. One example of which technology is, the user can take a photo of his order in the restaurant or any object he’d want to purchase, and the app will look for pins that contains the recipe or other ideas connected to the restaurant food he ordered, or links to an e-commerce site significant to the item he took a photo of.

Human Interactions using Technology

AI has been one of the most innovative products of technology, and Tech Vision 2017 aims to further boost the AI presence in the world. AI has been becoming smarter and smaller and now being integrated into homes, offices and a person’s daily lives. One of this instances would be Amazon Echo, Google Home and Siri.

But what Pinterest Lens unique to them is that it doesn’t have to use voice to interact with it. The camera is the only thing you need. It can answer visual questions especially everything that a user sees in their daily lives, like trying to find out where did the lady that is sitting at a bench in Central Park bought her dress, and other relevant queries. Describing the dress using words would be frivolous, as it will yield literally thousands of search results.

Unique Designs for Every Humans

Also in the said tech expo is the startup company Stitch Fix. The subscription based styling company makes clothes that are made to order by their customers. Almost all of the clothes they make are unique.

Pinterest Lens will further enhance the customizing experience of a user, not just depending on their search. The company claims that Lens can recommend better clothes every time the user captures the outfits they have in their closets.

With these innovative new technologies, tech companies can be like more of an “advising best friend” to its users, as it can suggest what is best for you. It would greatly enhance the relationships between businesses and consumers. Simplifying the customizing experience of each user would mean business getting a much better grasp into the taste of their clientele, helping businesses, especially smaller ones, grow.

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