One of the most terrific opportunities to make more money out of your e-commerce business is the days of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Based on a study made by Techradar, US consumers spend a whopping $3.34 billion on last year’s Black Friday, online alone, making more and more store owners participate each year.

In order to run a successful Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale, entrepreneurs exert a lot of efforts just to prepare their business for the gigantic influx of traffic and sales, which always causes stress to a lot. This articles aims to help you make it easier and ensure a profitable year for your business.

1. Customers research and gather information earlier 

You should prepare your holiday sales as early as possible and make your upcoming sale months and promotions be known to your customers and visitors in advance. On a research made by NFR, 40% of customers every year begin researching and even doing their holiday shopping as early as October. Make it a habit that you need to ensure that customers seek for gift ideas and information that you actually sell, together with your early prep.

2. Have a good sales planning and organization

Take a look at all of your products and plan your sales in advance instead of doing a sale last minute. You can do a planned sales map in Excel to give you somehow an outline of all your upcoming sales. Strategize the products that you want to run a holiday promotion sale with and schedule their start dates and marked down prices. In this way, you would just refer to your plans instead of rattling at the last minute when your planned holiday sale goes into effect.

3. Always have a backup plan

What if your website crash? What if your shipping company becomes too busy? The inevitable always has chances of happening, so think of some contingency plans to work when this happens.

4. Make sure that your website can handle heavy and sudden increase in traffic

It’s a fact that having too many simultaneous to your website can render it to crash and bog down. It needs a huge amount of traffic for it to happen, but it is still the best to ensure that your hosting provider can handle a spike in traffic. Testing of server load capacity would be very beneficial, and you can use tools such as or to test its sturdiness.

5. Make sure that your store can handle increased demand

Always consider the increased demand you’ll experience during the yuletide season, whether your products are from a supplier or manufactured by you and your team. Make sure that you work out with your suppliers and have them prepared to handle your projected sales. It would be very bad if you can’t meet the demands of your customers due to low inventory.

6. Make banners and images for effective holiday sales advertising

Enticing kinds of banners and images can draw customers into your website and make them shopping for more. You don’t have to be a graphic guru just to create these. Use templates from several websites or hire a freelance graphic artist to create your graphics.

7. Make your customers excited and curious about your upcoming sale.

Just announcing that you will be having a Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale can be boring, so try to inject suspense and buzz on it to make it boom much bigger. Tease your customers with emails that depict of what is to come and sneak peeks of your upcoming promotion on your social media accounts.

8. Consider mobile first

IBM claims that mobile traffic has surpassed desktop traffic on last year’s thanksgiving, and 26% of orders came from a mobile device last Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This trend should continue and possibly increase so it is very important to gear up for the mobile platform.

9. Listen, take note and do action on your customer’s feedback

It is very important to listen, take note and do some necessary actions regarding your customer feedback’s. There are many ways to have someone go to your online store and leave a feedback but one tool that does the job is User Testing that allows you to watch a random user go through your website and listen to their feedback. However, don’t be too quick in implementing changes and see to it that it’s not just one person that complains about that matter.

10. Keep in touch with your old traffic and customers

It is very important that you contact your old customers as it is 50% easier to sell to existing customers than to brand new customers. Try to reach them through email or other methods so that they would be reminded about your store and at the same time, be informed about your upcoming promotion. Preparation, planning and starting in advance are all keys to a successful Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale. This checklist should cover most of what you need to know for this year’s upcoming sale events. Hopefully it’s has put you in a better position to succeed this holiday season.

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