The lifestyle of people changes as years go by, and the lifestyle we have now is much different than the one 20 years ago. Modern people today are now used with convenience, variety and delivery in their doorsteps. Amazon, one of the biggest retailers, has already adopted this kind of shopping model. Their catalog of 480 million products online ranges from books to televisions, even toiletries. And people can’t help but to think about the future and the ultimate fate of these brick and mortar retail stores that as we all know, starting to be beaten by the online competition.

It was just recently when the big food retailer Whole Foods was acquired by Amazon for $13 billion. This great move by Amazon does not only harden the value of physical stores but also marks the start of the new shopping generation.

“Amazon Prime, Amazon’s famous delivery product, made the world’s rapid growing retailer into a subscription service as 64% of the US households subscribe to prime. It enabled services such as same-day free shipping to be hooked into your homes.”

With this shift in shopping manner, it would be a tedious task for retailers to cope up with their clients’ needs and behaviors. The following are some tips on how to do it.

Trying to equal the usual

Only people who act like a hermit does not do a daily or weekly visits to some retail stores and buy some stuff. Truth be told, 90% of purchases are still being made on an actual store location while queueing in long lines, stuffing it at the back of their cards and pulling them to their homes.

However, e-commerce totaled for 8.5% of all retail in the first quarter of this year, registering $105 billion sales out of a total $1.25 trillion, based on the latest data released by the U.S. Census Bureau.  A huge number of customers now use the “click and collect method”, in which shoppers actually purchase online and then go and pick up the item in the store, rather than having it shipped to them. This type of shopping would be very beneficial to an entrepreneur as the people walks into their physical store, where they are more likely to buy additional products.

Location Data

When it comes to boosting in-stores purchases, location is commonly the most critical piece of information.  It is the data point that is extremely precise because of our smart phones. Mobile search is becoming an integral part of the retail shopping experience. 9 out 10 customers use their smartphones while inside the store and more than 50% of them used it to compare prices, while almost half looked up pricing info and just a bit over 40% has checked online reviews available in s.

Online Convenience

Ride-sharing startups Uber and Grab uses and equals digital to create hassle free physical transactions such as ride service requests and payment in order to enhance a service that can only be finished in person. The drug store retailer CVS also tries to do this as they allow shoppers the ability to go online, order and pay, then consumers can choose to have photos either picked up or delivered. Now picking them up without queuing in a long line just to pay gives their customers a more convenient experience, and doubly can drive more in-store purchases by just getting the person to step foot in the door in their store’s door.

Rank Up your search engine level

Everyone knows how desperate we can be just to bring someone inside your store and actually buy something, but in the digital world, it starts in the search bar. Newer innovations widen the scope of the search bar into AI, voice search and mobile technology.

Instead of returning a bunch of hyperlinks when people search maps and apps, search engines are returning direct answers for “men’s clothes near me” or “where’s the nearest convenience store”. The local stores that rise to the top are no coincidence.

It’s the world in which in-store shopping activity will be revitalized, driven and boosted by new and developing digital technology that can deliver the right product, to the right person, at the right time and at the best price.

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