Business models and trends are growing at very rapid rates. The rise of eCommerce sites made the entire market industry into a new point of view where online purchase and sale of goods can now be made unstoppable any time of the day.The US Department of Commerce has said that nearly 53% of global consumers have already access to ecommerce sites. This numbers are still expecting to rice as many brick and mortar stores are now embracing the online shopping industry undoubtedly.
If you’re now jumping into the ecommerce business to boost your sales and make your online presence, your next step is choosing the perfect platform, as it would have a great influence on your business performance. There are many ecommerce platforms available but Magento is leading the way as the best platform. Why did Magento become the leading ecommerce platform?
1. Free and Open Sourced Platform
Magento is an open source platform which can be obtained free of cost, making it the preferred choice for most ecommerce business owners. And because it is open sourced, you can tweak it according to your preferences with the help of a developer. It is also very easy to manage and can maintain two to three online shops while using only a single admin panel. Also, the entire purchase history and sales can be managed through a single database.

2. Product browsing is easier
Online entrepreneurs that are allowing their customers have an hassle free shopping experience whatever device they use are undoubtedly excelling in this industry. All the info about an item they need is already given to the client for their perusal, making it easier to buy. Magento is the platform that never compromises on that. It also supports customers overseas and even allows purchasing using multiple currencies and various languages.

3. Supports businesses of all size
Scalability is one of the features that online entrepreneurs really love. It has helped all businesses, big and small. Its flexibility and scalability allows entrepreneurs to mold it the way they like it.The aim of this platform has to always offer an excellent customer experience so that the end users would visit the same site every time they want to purchase anything online. It provides an avenue to their consumer wherein they can zoom and enlarge the item to get a better view.

4. Gives traffic to your site with ease
Every business owner tries to strategize how to bring more traffic to their sites. Magento helps you with that as it helps driving traffic into your site as it is very SEO friendly and has support and assistance from the leading search engines. It is also very keyword centric and has clear tags that makes a boost in sales.

5. Built in powerful tools
Magento is not only SEO friendly, it also boasts very powerful tools that enhance your customer’s shopping experience. The platform is also combined with HTML5 to help you with a great deal to have a smooth operation of ecommerce in mobile. Aside from multiple image support, it also supports videos and audio.

6. Report and Analytics support
It is very important for entrepreneurs to track their sales and customers, and Magento has a built in support for that. It supports reports and analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Google base and Google Checkout that are the best site managers and keeps you informed about the areas you need to improve.

7. Secure
Magento makes your customers feel secure. There will be guaranteed no concerns in security especially in paying online. It has secured and dedicated SSL security. Customers will be very confident in buying from your Magento site.

8. Multiple Payment options
It supports the usual payment options such as credit or debit card but it also supports, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Paypal and many others.
Magento really makes the lives of online entrepreneurs easier. It does not only help in boosting up sales but also increase traffic because of its SEO integration. Making your online business get its good foundations using Magento and be ensured of a good sales and performance in the future.

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