Entering the mobile application development industry for the first time can be a bit of intimidating for a lot of companies. Partnering with mobile app developers can range from just a freelancer to a team of a thousand or more.

It is very important that you know the right supplier for your mobile app development needs, and having a good Mobile Request for Proposal that properly details your project would be very beneficial. Using this template that we will provide, you will surely be able to create the best Mobile App RFP so everyone could seek the right mobile app vendor perfect for their needs.

First Part – to be completed by the company

Executive Summary:- In this part, you have to provide a brief summary of your organization, the business problem, the solution and the proposed project description.

Company Information:- You should provide a high level summary of the company. Describe your business problem, target end users and proposed solution. It is important that you include your company’s reason of existence, product and services it provides, the type of industry it operates and the leadership behind the company.

Project Description:- Thorough details about the project should be provided in order to give your mobile vendor a better point of view of your proposed solution.

You should provide a description of the solution you wants to be developed i.e. an Android App that provides news about the latest in fashion. The core functionality of the app should be described. These questions should also be answered:
(1):What kinds of features and function do you want your app to perform?
(2):Is there any similar feature available in other apps that you also want to be implemented?

Use Cases
Provide a use-case of the app and describe how a user would interact with it from start to finish.

Include also the project decision makers and app leaders and other people involved in the project and their level of involvement.

Project Scope Requirements

What services do you require? Do you require services for the entire project life cycle or specific stages of production?
1: Consulting
2: Development
3: Design & User Experience
4: Quality Assurance and Testing

 Platforms and Devices
Also include the platforms you want the solution to be built on. Examples: iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, Web, Roku, Smart TV, Windows, Mac. And also the devices which it will support: Smartphone, tablet, desktop, wearables.

Back End
Provide information if you have existing web services and/or CMS systems, whether they have available APIs and documentations for perusal, and the type of internal database you have.

Push Notifications
If you want push notifications for your solution, indicate it in your RFP together with the frequency of its content’s customization.

Do you want analytics for your solution? If yes, what kind of data do you want to gather? Ex: Omniture, Google Analytics for app downloads, usage, event data

(5) Budget
Budget ranges for app development varies depending on its complexity and scope, and the quality and experience level of the app development agency. Providing a budget range can help you improve the accuracy of responses.

(6) Project timeline
Indicate the launch date and its association to an event if any, and if there are outside dependencies that influence the launch date.

Part 2 – To be provided by the app developer

(7) Mobile Agency Overview

Company Overview:-Provide an overview of the company, leadership and the executive team.
1: Longevity of the company in app developing industry
2: Mission
3: Uniqueness from other competitors
4: Size
5: Location of work

Service Offerings:-  Provide a description of the services that your company offers such as:
4;Quality Assurance

Past Job Experiences
Provide a list of past clients, awards and summaries of client projects and summary of challenges, solution and result.

(8) Proposal

Solution Overview
Provide a summary of the product being built. Indicate the people who will be involved, development tools to be used, key features and platforms.

Project Scope
Provide a detailed scope of the project that includes specific feature and functionality items that will be integrated into the solution.

Project Timeline
Provide a detailed project timeline that includes estimated start dates, schedule of activities, deliverables, and resources to be used.

Pricing Model
Provide an estimated price based on your project scope and include a fee breakdown in relation to time and scope.

Maintenance / Support Plan
Provide a summary of the types of service level support plans that are offered and its breakdown of services and costs.

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