Facebook Watch is the latest addition to the social media giant’s features. It comes hot on the heels of platforms such as Netflix and YouTube which have been dominant in the entertainment scene particularly live shows. The feature clearly underscores the fact that Facebook wants a slice of this lucrative market.

With over half a billion video views on Facebook each day, there are immense opportunities for marketers, brands, and influencers to reach out to promote their products and services. And if the stats are something to go by, it’s clear that video marketing will give TV ads a run for its money.


Increase Consumer Participation

Facebook watch is building on the success of its live video feature. Watch showcases real-time reaction and comments along with videos. Marketers have a fantastic opportunity to engage their audience. By eliciting reaction to videos, they not only get to enrich the viewing experience but democratizing their social presence and activity. Brands can take advantage of this participatory culture to create video shows that influence social activity so as to increase brand mention and interaction.

More Audience-Centric Shows

As with other live video platforms, Facebook Watch now gives marketers and brands the opportunity to broadcast favorite shows. Ideally what their audience enjoy watching. So there’s going to be a shift from Premium-owned content to audience-favorite shows. Most of them are driven by live ratings and on-air ads. This creates an opportunity for brads and marketers to push ads into their social content distribution channel something that will enable them realize more sales from their marketing efforts.

One of the best things about Facebook is that it gives marketers a quick comparison of competitor’s page activity, engagement, and audience versus their own. The insight they’ll get from the detailed views shows them the sort of content that resonates better with a particular audience.

Market to a Niche Community

The success of b2b marketing largely boils down to the ability to engage a targeted or specific audience. Facebook watch gives brands and marketers to sell to a niche-community. Basically these are social media users who tend to follow influencers whose interests and lifestyles resonate with theirs. So you have a chance to reach out to influencers and make them part of your content distribution mix. Whatever they say or share about your brand via video will build the credibility of your brand or products. You can expect more interaction and conversations to follow now that your product or brand has been mentioned.

Facebook Watch is certainly going to revolutionize how brands and marketers are going to engage their audiences.  What we are looking at is a platform that’s not just going to enable delivery of video content for entertainment but a potential source of revenue stream from products and ad placements.

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