Google, Bing and Yahoo are the leaders in searching online. Nowadays, 60% of online searches are being done using smartphones and other mobile devices. Voice Assistants such as Apple’s Siri is a search engine too after all, yet she is often neglected. With the rise of new innovations especially on the field of technology such as the voice search engines, digital marketers and entrepreneurs should use these for their own benefit and make the most out of it. To enable you to reach as much target as possible, one should understand the importance of SEO for Siri, as it is very vital to your success and will greatly boost your presence.

The Importance of Siri in the SEO industry

Siri is the iOS users’ nifty buddy. A voice search assistant, Siri is iOS user’s intelligent assistant that makes their lives a way easier. Because you are just using your voice to perform commands and instruction to Siri, they are faster and simpler than traditional searching using the keyboard. According to research, 28% of its users believe that results harvested from voice searches are way more accurate and precise than that harvested from tradition keyboard queries. Nowadays, 50% of consumers use their smartphones to perform an online search, and more and more of them starts to appreciate voice searches over keyboard. So, SEO for Siri is a great way to boost your overall SEO strategy.

How to optimize your site to Siri SEO?

Make sure that your site is mobile friendly
With the number of mobile users greatly increasing through the years, it is a surprise as to why a number of websites are yet to be optimized for mobile viewing. You don’t belong to the group if you’re not mobilized. Your website should be compatible with all kinds of mobile interface, not only to Siri that is only exclusive for Apple-produced gadgets. Smartphone vs desktop conversion rates are rising to 64%. It is very important to make your website follow suit to the trend as the internet traffic is now primarily mobile based.

Right Keywords are the Key
Bear in mind that the terms used in a voice search are poles apart than the terms used in a traditional keyboard search. The term “near me” is always used when users perform a voice search, primarily because they want to utilize the mobility in using voice searches. Because consumers are now searching for products and services available in a definite location, it would be very wise if you use SEO keywords commonly used locally. By using this strategy, it will surely boost your Siri ranking in search result and will also toughen your company’s SEO presence in your area.
-Search like a Human
As stated earlier, mobile searches are very different from desktop. Siri, and other voice search engines, are designed and programmed to answer search terms like an actual human, or just in lay man’s terms. Use keywords that are actually being used by humans in an actual conversation.

The 5 W’s (What, When, Where and Why) and the H (How) is now commonly used to ask voice searches. Users search things like “What to do in Mumbai” or “How to get to the Louvre”. Instead of just using a one-word keyword, you should consider using a phrase such as “chic dresses in Brisbane” as it will drastically increase the Siri SEO success of your site, hence adding traffic to your site. Using key phrases will focus your site on a specific location.

Implement Siri SEO
Your business should be adapting and flexible to the innovations today. With the rise of new technology, you should use these in making your business a success. With these tips and ideas, you can boost your SEO Siri strategy and take your search engine rank to the heights.

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