Halloween is one of the most wildly and anticipated holidays not only in the United States but also in the whole world. Everyone loves dressing up in ridiculous costumes (some doesn’t have neither as they try to portray Miley Cyrus in Wrecking Ball), asking for candies house to house and eat them, decorating pumpkins and going to costume parties.

Halloween is now just at the corner, so others maybe curious about this holiday. In this article, we will explain the origin of holiday and how it is being celebrated and uniqueness around the world. It is one of the world’s oldest holidays and dates its roots back beyond pagan times.

Halloween can be traced back 2000 years ago to Samain, a Keltic festival that is being celebrated during November 1st. The said festival is being celebrated because it was believed that on October 31st, spirits would rise from the dead and in order to keep spirits away, people leave food and drinks on their doors and wear masks to conceal themselves to the spirits. Samain festival was changed to All Hallows Eve in the 8th century and as years go by, it was changed to Halloween as we call it today.

How it is being celebrated:-

Irish people celebrate Halloween like a party. Children wear costumes and go house to house to ask for candies. Community gatherings and traditional games are also present.

Belgians celebrate Halloween by lighting candles to their homes’ windows to honor their dead loved ones.

Halloween in Sweden is called as “Alla Helgons Dag” which translates to All Saints Day. It is being celebrated from October 1st to November 6th, in which schools and universities are given shorter days to commemorate Halloween.

Hong Kong
Halloween in Hong Kong is called as “Yue Lan” which translates into Festival of the Hungry Ghosts. During the festival, folks believe that the ghosts awoke and is roaming the world for one whole day. Burning fruits, foods and money is being done to ease the spirits.

French people call Halloween as la fête d’Halloween. However, it was not celebrated until the 1900’s. It is still a fairly new tradition in France.

Teng Chieh” is the term used by the Chinese for the Halloween. Foods and drinks are being placed in front of their deceased loved one’s photos. On the night of Teng Chieh, bonfires and lanterns are being lit to guide the path of the spirits.

Koreans call Halloween as “Chusok” and is being celebrated on August, contrary to majority of other countries. To pay respects to their deceased love done, people visit their cemeteries and offer them fruits and rice.

Filipinos call Halloween and All Saints Day as “Araw Ng Mga Patay”, which translates to “Day of the Dead”. People flock into cemeteries and consider the day as somewhat a family reunion and other spend the whole night in there. Rice delicacies are also being cooked.

In Mexico, Halloween is known as “El Dia de los Muertos”, a joyful holiday to honor the dead. It is believed that the dead will come back to their homes. Altars are being made and is decorated with candies, photos, flowers and food.

Americans celebrate Halloween with trick or treating. Streets are now filled with children wearing costumes and going house to house for candies. Aside from these, Americans also carve pumpkins, going to mazes made of corn, and exploring haunted houses.

Halloween is one of the holidays that is widely celebrated around the world. The diversity of the culture of each country leads to different traditions that surround the holiday. It is very interesting to know a bit of how different countries celebrate and commemorate the holiday.

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