The Menlo Park-headquartered tech and social giant Facebook has recently placed its bid for television and other kinds of shows. The company has just said that Watch, its reformed video platform, will commence rolling out to some of their users tomorrow. Watch highlights some original programming funded by Facebook, along with videos from other creators. These content are placed in a special tab that becomes unique and personalized according to your recent activity and interests over time. Upon release, it would be replacing the current video tab for users in different Facebook platforms such as in Android, iOS, web and television.

 Content that will be available upon launching includes Nas Daily, a creator who produces daily videos with his fans; Gabby Bernstein, a motivational speaker who does interactive shows for his followers; and Kitchen Little, which is dedicated to children doing cooking and recipes with professional chefs, produced by Tastemade. A deal was also compacted with Major League Baseball to have the rights in broadcasting one live game per week on Watch.

It would be another major source of income for the company if it would be successful, as they are currently experience a shortage of room for ads in the News Feed. It will also threaten other big video tattlers such as YouTube, Amazon and Netflix. But for now, Facebook’s first step is to make sure their users love to watch longer videos, and embedding mid-roll ads inside their apps.

According to some reports, Facebook made a nice transaction to some creators for them to have their shows appear on the Watch tab upon launch that will serve as a launch pad for its success as having original content. As time goes by, Facebook is undermining a plan to stop funding original shows with advance payments but by taking almost half of the revenues generated by ads in order to earn money.

It was just almost a year since Facebook introduced a special video tab in their main app. Up to this day, the video tab has offered a lot of videos from bug publishers and the pages you like and follow.  In its improved form, Watch will break these videos into categories such as “What your friends are watching”, “most talked about”, and “what’s making people laugh”. The tab has to sections namely: Discover that suggests videos for you that you’d like to watch now, and the watchlist, which just collects videos for you to watch later. You can follow a show you like and new episodes would just then appear in your watchlist.

Of course, Facebook will also integrate its trademark social features into the watch tab as it makes you discover videos with your friends and even discuss it with them. You can comment in each and every show in its comment section, and can be also connected with special Facebook groups dedicated to that shows that enables fans to discuss new episodes by detail.

Presently, publishers should have first received an invite into the Watch tab in order for them to upload their content. But as Watch will be available to more and more countries, they expect that anyone can publish on it and the number of videos available would be hundreds from just dozens.

Facebook really has a handful of innovative developers, from just starting on its founder, and it would be really unwise to underestimate them for now. They are so rich and can afford to be patient as the results of their hard work unfold as time passes. The Watch tab may be not delivering superb results in the start, but the company will surely keep trying until it becomes the bang.

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