To increment efficiency in your marketing strategies, an entrepreneur must be using and capitalizing in a system of marketing automation. Marketing automation can save you time, effort and money by means of automating some of your marketing to-dos. Your email workflows, , site and social media publishing, various coupons and offers and your client database or only some that can be automated. Acquiring a decent marketing automation system makes your marketing tasks a breeze with just a few clicks and taps.

The meaning of Marketing Automation
Marketing automation is a special piece of software of system that is made to automate tasks that is usually being done on a regular basis. Without this kind of system, you can miss a number of opportunities as it can delay the process of your marketing milestones and strategies.

Facts about Marketing Automation
To prove that marketing automation is an effective way to make your business and your life easier, here are some facts to consider (courtesy of HubSpot)

(1): 75% of companies that use marketing automation see a return on investment within 12 months, and 44% within 6 months.
(2): Sending out relevant emails through marketing automation makes 18 times more revenue than sending email blasts.
(3): Companies that excel at lead nurturing, through marketing automation, generate 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% lower cost.

Reasons to Acquire Marketing Automation
According to Marketeers Marketing Automation Test, there are 5 questions you should ponder upon yourself in order to give you a better point-of-view of the reasons why you should get marketing automation systems.
-Are you able to identify, track, and engage individual customers online?-Are you able to prioritize each and every customer based on their fit and likelihood to buy from you?
-Are you able to filter leads and customers based on level of engagement and interest in your brand?
-Are you able to measure the ROI of every marketing campaign you have run?
-Are you able to do all these without losing your temper?

When your answers are majorly no, you should ponder more and analyze at the several various marketing automation software and systems to know what will be the perfect one to use for your business.

Benefits in Getting Marketing Automation Software Efficiency.
This word sums up what you will benefit from marketing automation software. Your marketing team can yield more tasks if some of their responsibilities are already automated. If tasks are already automated, then expect that your return of investment will be just in a jiffy. Companies with their prospect clients usually reach them through a contact form or a phone call. These prospect clients are called as Marketing Qualified Lead and only their name and contact info is being transferred to the sales department, but with marketing automation, they can know what stage of the buying process is a client presently in or to what content they like most on your site.

Not getting a marketing automation system is just like playing darts with you contented not hitting the target. A lot of opportunities are missed without such system. Without marketing automation, your team cannot get the taste of your prospect clients as to what services or products they really want to buy.

What Automation Software to Get
A lot of Marketing Automation software is now out of the market such as Pardot, HubSpot, Marketo, Infusionsoft, to name a few. Whatever automation software you choose, they have each of their strengths and weaknesses and specialization. Each of them has their variation of monthly costs and key uses. Make a research on to what marketing automation software is perfect for you then consult it to your staff if they have any queries about the system.

Getting an automation software could be a boost to your sales. Hoping this post can give you a heads up about automation software. You can also speak to us at +1 646 755 9669 or write-in at [email protected] to see how we can help.