Digital marketing is a term that is used for all kinds of marketing that is being done on the internet. A lot of businesses these days use various platforms such as Google search, social media, email, and their websites to market their business and connect to their customers/clients and grow their businesses. It’s a fact that people spend more and more time online rather other mediums such as TV, Cinema, etc. The reach of internet is even more these days than televisions, etc. Now the way people shop or buy products has changed, it has involved e-commerce business into its manifold thus adding to one of the several aspects of Digital Marketing.

Marketing has always involved various aspects and now internet is its major arm and it helps businesses to connect to the desired clientele. In a matter of few years Digital Marketing has evolved into big daddy of marketing strategies. It has also very effectively used semi-automated systems and artificial intelligence giving their businesses a booster shot.

In future, I expect digital marketing will have new tools maybe devices to be worn or something in terms of IOT.  These devices would help more one’s daily life such as monitoring their habits in terms of eating, training, managing time schedule, and a lot of things that the smartphones these days do not do. They say data is the king and in future these devices would help these stalwarts such as Google, and various others to gather big data and help in growing their businesses. The big data tanks would in turn give birth to a new revolution of business ideas.

As of today in terms of Video Marketing it has been a big boom for a lot of new people, in future this Video Marketing would give inspiration to companies to develop newer gizmos and newer technologies thus increasing the reach of Internet.

Content is the absolutely important part of any digital medium and marketers have always been stressing on high-quality and interactive content that attract audience and engage the audience. In future there would be fully automated systems that would use the big data and modernize the interactions with the audience, which would be beyond texts and creating rich and appealing content.

In future Proximity Marketing will hold a lot of aces as it involves the consumers at the right place, at the right time, with very much relevant notifications. Proximity Marketing across various platforms are now beginning to realize enormous potential beyond merely delivering meager offers but the future absolutely belongs to such marketing strategies and will help businesses in identifying buying behavior patterns to their target audience.

All in all Digital Marketing is heading towards each and every person’s daily lifestyle as it would attract more and more businesses and target audiences, be it services provider or service gainer.

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