Content is fuel that powers most brands and businesses worldwide. And 2018 is going to be a defining year for brands and businesses that use content marketing. Things will get better for those who’ll continue leverage content and there’s no doubt there’ll be more cash to splash. So what are some of the trends we’re going to see?

Bigger Push for Unique Content

More and more brands are now setting out to create original content for their audiences.  Apple, the world’s most valuable brand is keen to invest $1 billion on unique content. Other brands like Google are buying original content from media and brands to fill the gaps that exist in their search algorithms. Facebook has equally set out to build a repository of original video content and word going round is that it’s going to spend a sizable amount of money in its marketing budget. The main motivation is not just to get a slice of the infotainment market, but to grow their audiences. Opportunities will abound for monetizing content directly or through syndication. Key to achieving this is delivering original, relevant and consistent content.

More Personalization

More consumers are now demanding a personalized online experience from brands and sellers than the usual rhetoric that cuts across the board. Brands have successfully used personalization with email marketing and automation but focus now has to shift to B2B and B2C across various touch points. In 2018, we are going to see more vendors and brands tapping the interests of consumers to personalize their experience.  70% of businesses (in the fashion wear, IT, and financial services) who intend to personalize consumer experience expect a 6% jump in annual revenue.

Push for Transparency

Brands have always peppered consumers with brand-sponsored and influencer content across their social networks. That hasn’t augured well with customers as they’re now becoming skeptical of branded content. In 2018, we anticipate that brands and marketers who use either native advertising or social media influencers will become more transparent about paid relationship. Publishers, who have a significant bearing in advertising, are expected to create policies that will ensure full disclosure and harmony between message, voice, and channel.

Convergence of Media & Marketing Channels

Many look at content marketing as owned media. That’s not going to remain the same for content marketing to work. We’re going to see a convergence of owned, paid, and earned media in 2018 and beyond. The lines between the three are growing thinner by the day. For any content strategy to be successful, websites, s, social media, email, and paid media will have to work simultaneously.

Jump in video advertising

Over the years, the demand for video ads has grown at a phenomenal rate. More than 50% of marketers worldwide feel that videos ate the sort of content that generates the best ROI. Millenials are viewing more and more audio-visual content across multiple devices from smartphones to tablets. The momentum we’ve seen with video advertising isn’t going slow down as we move to 2018.  Brands and businesses will continue leverage the power of videos to market their services and products.

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