Online shopping made customer lives more productive and simpler as they provide their customers an easier and stress-free way to buy what they want. However, some brands have difficulty dealing with several brands. Everyone now wants to be convenient by using the web to research about products, look for other options and make their purchasing direction based on price and affordability.

Several problems are being faced by brands. For physical stores, brands are able to have much control over display, placement and pricing. It is often difficult for these types of entrepreneurs beat or at least equal the control level and consistency of online shopping who offers an almost limitless amount of sellers under one roof to customers to browse within the comforts of their home with just a few clicks. Of course consumers would prefer shopping online. However, companies can’t help but worry about brick-and-mortar attrition and on how to trust anonymous shoppers.

How can you make new customers loyal to your brand?

One of the factors that help a consumer decide on the product or service he needs is the location of your store. According to a survey conducted by Accenture in 2017, customers now look for other factors that can overshadow even price. What also matters to customers is your way of appreciating them such as discounts, rewards, gift certificates and other items that can be used to say thank you to them. How can you make your brand unique to the taste of your target consumers? This is not easy to address but it can differentiate customers who search a specific brand and using Google and Amazon and trust their choices and suggestions.

Content Helpfulness

Content you upload is like a physical store’s associates. As we all know, store associates represent your store and explain to your customers everything about the product. Entrepreneurs should not just depend on the online store for that information but also try to provide unbiased resources that can explain and differentiate products. Try to also observe the content on third party sites and ensure that they are consistent, informative and nondestructive to your brand.

Producing the perfect Content Resources

Several marketplaces such as Amazon and ebay only allow few product pages so the information you provide to your customers is imperative. Everything should be useful and beneficial to your target consumers. Try to supply their every need and they’re most likely to make you an authority to the product.

Online entrepreneurs should be unbiased as possible. One should be like a pro in every product you sell. Providing them buyer’s guides, online FAQs and other media that exhibits information to them are very beneficial to your buyers. Today, sky is the limit for retailers to manage platforms that their customers can use to have some educational materials about almost every product at their perusal. Try to also analyze how your site shows up search results in every product categories and make sure that items in the top of the search are well stocked and can give a superb customer experience.

Having loyal customers is very practical and is very cost effective, thus everything that you invest on it won’t be a waste. Loyal customers can also generate more traffic and more new customers as they can be a living testimony to your excellent service and share your brand to their friends, relatives and colleagues. Being consistent and providing well-stocked, high quality and excellent content for both brands and retailers can be very useful in the online shopping industry just like in the physical stores.

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