Beacons are now becoming the top technology in the retail marketing industry. A million beacons are expected to be installed to a many number of US retail stores this year. But today, entrepreneurs are now planning to use beacons as a means to push phone notifications.

Envisioning the beacons technology to have its full potential in the near future especially on consumers, brands and entrepreneurs alike, the Mountain View-based tech giant Google has developed platforms such as Eddystone and the Google Beacon. Using these innovations, beacons can now be used not only in communicating with a brand’s specialized app. Google products and services can now be amalgamated with different brands, together with their own and their stakeholder’s apps.

These types of innovations can mean an effortless shopping experience for shoppers. It could also mean easier communications with the right person at an entrepreneur’s side. This new kind of innovations is already in use by North America’s top retailers such as Macy’s, Target, Urban Outfitters and CVS.

What are Beacons?

Beacons are the small, Bluetooth radio transmitters that give off specific data once a device (such as a smartphone) becomes nearby. There are mobile apps that is specifically designed that can understand a beacon signal received and delivers the data to its user and this technology can be very beneficial in scanning consumers inside buildings.

When a shopper accesses a discount shopping app on his smartphone and approaches a nearby beacon inside a mall, their smartphones can receive push notifications that may offer deals and coupons or give additional info about the product.

Benefits of using the Beacon Technology

A number of benefits can be get by retailers upon beacon technology adoption. But to sum it up, it enables businessmen to introduce a more tailored and crafted experience to their shoppers. In this article, we’ll explain a few more benefits in using this technology in the retail industry.

Advertising Tool

It was already in the ancient days when retailers can only advertise their goods on print, TV and radio advertisements to build up more customer traffic into their stores. Shoppers are now looking for more tailored and crafted messaging that is highly personalized. The beacon technology can easily provide that. Aside from this, it can also execute an ad based on how near a customer is on a store. This can overcome the physical limitations of a concrete store. Shoppers can be now gathered at the right time and in the right place.

Highly Customizable

Beacon technology can emulate ecommerce site’s feature of suggesting personal stuff recommendations based on previous purchases. Almost all aspects of shopping can be crafted according to a customer’s preferences, from coupons deals and product recommendations. Using this, it can boost customer loyalty and have a very excellent shopping experience. It is not enough to rely most of this stuff to your sales associates, so it is better to have the beacon technology to fill that space.

More economical

Beacon technology is fairly easy to acclimatize versus other tech marketing solutions. It only costs around $100 for a set of 4 beacon transmitters and an app. Aside from this, beacon technology is also very easy to setup and install and you can start using it right away.

Mobile App Use Surge

Shoppers love to install different apps onto their smartphones and forget it as time passes. Beacon-triggered push notifications can be a reminder for these apps and also increase user interest in it. Apps can be even more useful and a handy tool for consumers using the beacon technology.

Being one of the latest retail tech innovations, beacon technology has the prospective to enhance customer communications for old-school retailers. With this kind of technology, consumers can experience having more engaging, seamless and personal involvement while retailers can have more data insights from their consumers. With these advantages, beacon technology can make numerous business plans a possibility.

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