The terms AI and Machine learning become much different as digital technology evolved through the years. Confusion becomes much rampant to people as they use these terms interchangeably.

The real meaning of Artificial Intelligence

For ordinary and not tech savvy kinds of people, AI can mean aliens, extra-terrestrial creatures, Halo and Men in Black. In the contrary, artificial intelligence can be now found in almost every devices and is already an essential part of our everyday lives.

 For computer geeks, you already know that every user input results in an input to the computer that makes it execute a predefined and preprogrammed action. However, AI is the layman’s term for a solution that the computer made for itself without user interaction. The computer uses its own resources and data for it to come up with its own solution.

To give you a better knowledge about AI, take this as an example: If you want to know the existence of extraterrestrial existence and the computer gives you its own solution without any programmer intervention, that’s AI.

How about Machine Learning?

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence are two terms which are often synonymous and is used with each other. But the truth is, these two has very big differences. To further differentiate both things:-
You supplied some data to be processed into the computer. It can be now identified as artificial intelligence. But machine learning is the process by which your system functions like an actual human being with intellect. To further elaborate, computers that are capable of machine learning don’t just accept data. Instead, it learns itself and adapts depending on the data and knowledge you put into it. It’s the closest thing so far for computers to be like an actual living thing, Computers are constantly forced for self-adaptation by means of data mining and algorithm creation processes, enabling it to learn tasks and not just simply giving out answers based on a prerecorded data.

Evolution of AI

AI is constantly evolving through the years, and more and more examples that AI can be used in actual human routine are being developed. A good example of this is the Deep Blue. It is an AI system developed by IBM and challenged Garry Kasparov in a chess match in 1996. It actually won the first match, but Kasparov won the second one and had drawn in the remaining challenges.

Nowadays, AI has greatly evolved using its own ability to learn. It can be now used and applied in a number of fields such as in engineering and medicine. For these cases, the AI itself uses previous problem solving methods of its human counterparts to generate its own answer.

Machine Learning Basic Facts

There are three parts to learn about machine learning: system, parameters and learning system. Machine learning is basically a training mechanism in which computers can now be able to learn and adapt themselves to whatever situations.

However, it requires a user inputted model for it to learn. For example, telling your computer that an apple day keeps the doctor away is already a basic model. Aside from this, a set of parameters is generated to asses performance, like eating 0 apples can result in 50% chance of getting sick, a half of apple to 75% good health, 1 apple for 100% health, and so on.

Obviously, this is a rather simplistic example of the process. However, using such parameters, machines then compute what happens if you eat, say, 2 apples a day, even if the information is not provided.

Both of these technologies are very powerful. AI and Machine learning truly makes everything easier and makes computer become smarter. However, Machine learning is still more powerful than AI as the former can do independent computations.

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