Mobile phones nowadays became more affordable and accessible to everybody as time goes by. Gone are the days which mobile phones are a luxury item and only the rich could afford it. Due to the sudden increase of mobile device availability in the market, the availability of mobile apps has also increased by a great deal. New models are consequently being released to the market, some does not take a full year to upgrade. The rise of new mobile models in the market equaled to a horrendous shower of mobile apps thus bringing a mobile app development evolution. This trends in mobile app development is expected by 2018. Artificial Intelligence

While being still the most popular trend of 2017, AI is now going out of its toddler stages. It paved the way for numerous new prospects in mobile app development and has innovated businesses and app developers to further boost their market through the use of smart interactions integrated into the mobile apps. A good example of this is the “Starbucks Barista” app by Starbucks, the biggest coffee chain in the world. They integrated AI into their business and since then changed how they offer their services. Top tech companies such as Facebook, Google, IBM and eBay also have commenced their investment in this new technology,

Augmented and Virtual Reality

This new technology, together with AI, has took the gaming and entertainment industry by storm. As 2017 goes by, also went by are the numerous models of VR devices such as Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, and Oculus Rift being released into the tech market. A number of AR games such as Pokemon Go and Sky Sieg was also released this year. These new technologies brought incredible potential in influencing the mobile app industry, also the users in the forthcoming.

Internet of Things

The desire to further increase the mobility of users lead to the rise of new technologies such as the Internet of Things. People nowadays want to use their smartphones and mobile applications to manage real life events and the Internet of Things is the solution. Apps such as Apple’s HomeKit has made turning on your lights and appliances and even unlocking your home a possibility just by using your smartphone. Smart speakers also became the standard in IoT industry such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Speakers.

Location Based Apps

To make the search for almost everything that is nearby to your location is now becoming a possibility with location based apps. Using Siri or Google Assistant, you can now look up for nearby restaurant, department store and promotional offers based on the location detected by your smartphone. It also synchronizes your interests and your frequent searches and use the data to give you more desirable suggestions.

Business Apps

More and more businesses are now investing on having their own mobile app for the convenience of their clients as well as to have a better reach on a target audience. They can use these mobile apps to streamline and see their internal communications, audience reach and occurrences.

Cloud Services

The adoption of cloud computing in businesses is a neophyte no more in the industry. This technology is now being adopted by businesses to have a better and rapid deployment of development and troubleshooting of errors in mobile apps. However, cloud services are aimed to use it for an anytime and anywhere access of data.

Technology in fact is evolving as the years go by, and these and more trends are expected to rise by the next year. This list surely will help developers create an app that would surely be useful in people’s everyday technology driven life.

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