WordPress nowadays is the foundation of almost 21.2% of websites online. Surprisingly, there are still people that are not  with the website platform, and most of them has common misconceptions about it. These common misconceptions are just hearsays from other people rather than trying to familiarize and know WordPress down to its core.

This article hopes to clear up any WordPress misconceptions and in any way, correct these misconceptions and spread it in any way possible.

WordPress is just for s-
This is so far a very big no. Actually, WordPress started in the internet industry as a neophyte in the ging platforms but as time goes by, word press also actually evolved into one of the biggest website platforms available online. It is presently a web software and can be a tool to craft any types of website including s. With WordPress, sky is your limit. In this tech generation, one out of six websites surfacing online are being hosted and developed using wardress and majority of this are mere websites not s. WordPress is commonly used to develop eCommerce, corporate, news and industry sites. It is also used to develop government and non-profit websites.

Security is lax-
This is entirely false, and in fact, WordPress is one of the most secure online enclaves and is the main reason why it became so popular to tech enthusiasts. WordPress is an open source software, that means, they can provide everyone with its source code for them to identify, locate and possibly, fix, any kind of loopholes and bugs. The flexibility of WordPress makes it even more secure by using different tools and add-ons. But in the end, it is still the end users’s responsibility to secure their WordPress-hosted website by means of using strong passwords, having a good firewall and using security services like Sucuri.

E commerce is not allowed on WordPress-
Partly true. WordPress does not come bundled with eCommerce tools such as a virtual shopping cart and online payment methods. But through the use of some WordPress plugins, you can make eCommerce on a word press-hosted sites a possibility. Sky is your limit when converting your website into an eCommerce one, be it physical or digital kind of goods.

WordPress sites do look a like-
You can highly customize your wordpress hosted websites and one of which is buy sing themes. WordPress themes are the one responsible in controlling the overall appearance of your website. There are a wide variety of themes to choose from, and several of them are for free and others are for a small fee. There are also a number of WordPress themes provider that sell WordPress themes with breathtaking layouts such as StudioPress, Elegant Themes and Themefuse, among many others. Aside from being ready to deploy, these themes can be further customized according to your taste and preference and even change colors, schemes, graphics and literally anything.

WordPress is just for neophytes-
This is also the feature that makes WordPress appealing to tech enthusiasts. WordPress is so finely developed that it can be used by beginners and pros alike. Beginners who just like to post their experiences in their own can use WordPress without any knowledge on website coding such as CSS, HTML and iFrame. For pro users, it can be also tweaked to their own prefernces by providing their own code using different languages and inject it into their WordPress-hosted websites. WordPress will automatically adapt to the codes that they injected. WordPress is pretty flexible with whatever user is using.

There are so many misconceptions about wordpress that spreads on social media and online boards like wildfire, but these 5 are the common ones. We hope that we answered your confusion and kindly inform your friends about these new found knowledge.

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