The usual way to determine app success is through its number of downloads, but it means nothing if there is no active users.

The two methods of measure to provide real insights into an app’s success are the mobile app engagement and mobile app retention. Having a low app engagement and retention could render your app a failure and success can be gained otherwise.Engagement as what we call to describe the activeness of the users in the app. Highly engaged users are said to use the app more than ten times. Retention, on the other hand, is the percentage of an app’s users who return to the app within three months of their first session. For developers who are very concerned with user conversions and/or monetization, you must keep your users engaged and make sure that they use your app repeatedly.

How to increase app engagement?
It is truly difficult to achieve sufficient mobile app engagement and user retention rates. 23% of users tend to abandon apps. Though there is a slight improvement in user abandonment rates since 2015, one-fourth of the users still desert applications almost just after installing it. Additionally, an app has a 60% chance that it would never be opened again. Nowadays, the app market is very competitive for app developers because of the vast app choices by users.Having an active and loyal app users require increased engagement and retention. Here are some tips to produce these wanted results.

(1)Easier on-boarding
An app that can provide a seamless on-boarding experience can have a lesser abandonment rates. If your app has too many steps to sign up and has confusing functions, in short, if your app is difficult to start using it, then users are more likely to abandon it.As what they say, first impressions are very important, and that includes user experience. Aside from ensuring that users don’t desert the app, having an effective on-board experience shows 500% user lifetime value.

(2)Have some push notifications
Push notifications are there for a very specific and important functions. It helps remind users that they have downloaded your app. It can also encourage usage by delivering messages based on a user’s behavior and preferences. Apps that has only a distinct function can also use push notifications to give them a reason to return.

A compelling application should have mobile personalization. It helps provide or more unique and relevant experience for users. Users tend to continue use the applications if their experience and preferences are more aligned to the users.Apps no longer deliver uniform experiences. Whenever possible, personalize the user experience by using known data to display relevant content and material in the app. Customized content and tailored insights delivers real value to the user.But you should be careful with push notifications. Sending irrelevant and spammy notifications can annoy your users could lead a negative impact to your app.

(4)Reward your users
Giving you users incentives upon app usage can drive engagement and retention. Mobile-specific rewards, specialized content access, coupons, special promotions, and other offers will help drive conversions and encourage engagement.

(5)Product repetition
Apps are repetitive, whether they are minimum viable products or mature, polished, and fully functional. Regularly updating the app experience with new features and personalized content will help keep users interested and engaged. It is very useful to track user behavior and listen to user feedback to monitor analytics.

User acquisition is not enough for the success of an app. It equally needs a good app engagement and user retention. Converting users to loyal, long-term customers will help increase average lifetime value (LTV) and generate more revenue for your app. These methods will surely improve user engagement and retention to ensure that your application has an impact in the highly competitive app landscape.

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