Black Friday is the most profitable time for both consumers and entrepreneurs. Consumers get to enjoy goods, especially electronics and appliances, at marked down prices, and at the same time, entrepreneurs get to enjoy more sales because of the consumer influx. But as technology develops and evolves over time, the usual setting that happens to malls and shopping centers like the parking nightmares, long queues and crazy influx of crowd also starts to fade. eCommerce primarily caused these to fade as it enables consumers to shop for their goods at the comfort of their homes. According to a survey, more people chose to skip the madness in the shopping centers and instead did their Black Friday shopping online in 2016.
This shift in consumer behavior and the increasing number of stores that closes down seems that the business and commerce industry nowadays has reached its climax. However, offline shopping won’t go away as some people still prefer to stand outside and wait in line for deals. But for online entrepreneurs who participates in Black Friday eCommerce trends and prepares the future of eCommerce, here are just five of Black Friday eCommerce trends that would surely put you to the top on this year.

1:- Don’t neglect mobile shopping
Did you know that for the first time ever, 53% of all orders from last year’s Thanksgiving Day actually came from mobile devices? And it is still expected that this trend would continue as mobile revenue overtakes desktop just before this Black Friday 2017. However, even though 60% of browsing traffic now comes from mobile devices, only 15% of them actually turns into actual purchasing.

In order to boost mobile revenue, you could start by tackling navigation improvement, increasing website speed and offering one-click purchases. Retailers that takes advantage of these will be one of the retailers that predicts mobile revenue to surpass desktop before this year’s Black Friday.

2:- Do a Website Navigation Improvement
According to a survey, conversion into an actual purchase was increase by up to 18.5% just because of some tweaking and improvements to a retailer’s website navigation design.

You can start improving your sitemap and menu layout first. It is suggested that you limit your menu items to seven. However, most of the ecommerce sites have more than seven pages. As a workaround, using a hamburger icon for a drop down menu could be very useful and effective to make an improvement on your website navigation.

3:- Improve your Site’s Speed
In a study conducted by Radware, it says that “A two second delay in load time during a transaction resulted in abandonment rates of up to 87%. This is significantly higher than the baseline abandonment rate of 67%.

To check your site’s speed, you can use some diagnostic tools such as PageSpeed insights, YSlow, and To make your webpage load faster especially to the checkout process, you can use these tactics:

1. Use Google Tag Manager
2. Measure and improve your time to interact speed
3. Make your images optimized to any platform
4. Partner with fast and reliable hosting servers
5. Allow one-click purchases

4:- Allow One-click purchases
Impulse purchases represent almost 40% of all the money spent on ecommerce, as what UIE has found. Impulse purchases can be boosted by reducing the amount of effort it takes to buy something. It’s like the candies that surround you at the checkout line. You just have to pick one and add it to your cart. In online point-of-view, the less clicks are better. One click purchasing allows your customers to buy items with just a click, provided that the required payment info is already saved by the customer. One click purchases can be enabled by using Shopify Pay, Apple Pay, Android Pay and PayPal. Its better if you set up all of them to give your customers a much wider array of payment options.

5:- Give better customer service by using bots
Customers always wants to be catered to their every needs. And for online shopping, you need to cater them 24/7. Yes, it is very costly to get representatives to work on that wee hours of late night to early morning. This is where we let the chat bots take over.

Chatbots are a kind of software that can converse with you via chat and aims to provide you a personalized experience. The two biggest bot platforms are Facebook Messenger, with 900 million monthly active users, and KIK with 200 million. You can use both of them and you’ll instantly reach over a billion people using this technology.
By taking these trends and tips for this Black November, you’ll surely gear up your business for success this yuletide season. Take the opportunity and time now to do all the work to prepare yourself, so by the time the holiday season comes, you’ll be ready to hit the center stage.
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