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Let’s first understand what is an App Store Optimization and how it works:

The Definition

In simple words, an App Store Optimization (ASO) is a series of strategic processes of optimizing the visibility of an app across App Stores (such as Google Play, iTunes/Apple Store, Windows store) just as an SEO is for websites across Google and other search engines.

The Approach

It starts with your competitor investigation & benchmarking, a complete analysis of your current app store presence and market analysis. This audit report usually follows with a campaign planner including keywords, app title & name recommendations, the description and screenshots – each drafted to boost your app’s organic discoverability, converting more users and eventually making profits.

Why it is important

Recent studies have proved that about 73% of all app downloads are triggered from the result of a search string made by the users. This means that your app should be optimized in a manner that it appears on top rankings when a relevant search is made across App Stores.

The Key Factors

You cannot compare apples with oranges as every app is different and require a completely different set of strategies and campaigns to flourish. Having said that, here are a few key factors that are always going to matter in any App Store Optimization & Marketing campaign:

❏ The App Title
Choosing a unique name does not guarantee a higher ranking of an app – a keyword-specific title ensures best results with a consistent App Store Optimization.
❏ User Personas
Drawing a sketch, literally, of your right app user based on the keywords searched, existing competitors, its weaknesses and strengths to portray a value proposition of your app.
❏ Keyword Analysis
Maximizing keyword strength becomes even more important when Apple store allows only a 100-character keyword field as compared to Google Play store’s 4000-character limit.
❏ A Captivating Description
A short, keyword-embedded introduction of your app that works as a call-to-action and has the potential to convince and prompt the user to download your app.
❏ App Listing Localization
When more than 80% of the app users prefer browsing in their native language, it becomes imperative to consider localizing and adapting to the needs of your audience segment.
❏ Multi-direction Promotion
Each app store, apart from the above factors, majorly consider total app-page visits and product page backlinks through paid acquisitions & other marketing material to determine overall rank for your app.
❏ Reviews, Feedback & Rating
Soliciting positive reviews from your existing users not only helps to position your app effectively but also, over a period of time, helps shape it for the future.

Technologies & Tools that we ❤ using for a result-oriented App Store Optimization:

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What are some of the ASO practices followed by your company?
We follow a tailor-made and result-oriented ASO practices such as app title optimization, description optimization with use of targeted keywords, use of a unique app icon, illustrative screenshots, improving app rating & reviews naturally and more.
Could you provide a FREE audit of my mobile app?
Yes. We will be glad to take a closer look and share insights with you such as number of downloads, app rating, and revenue from purchases etc. and on how your app could improve on its traction and presence across app stores.

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