Whether you’re a start-up or a flourished business owner, there is a time when you need to hire a web development agency to work on your online presence. However, with so many options available in the market, how do you choose which one is the best? What makes an agency better than the other? What kind of support and assistance would you be able to get when you would need it?

With so many questions in your mind, it becomes even more essential that you select an agency that not only understands what you are looking to build but also can work with you together as you go along.

Building a website is like building a house. You want the house to look good, have the rooms and spaces serve your purpose, and should be reliable enough to withstand throughout the changing weathers of the year.

Here are top 5 points that you should consider during your selection process for a website design company:


1. Communication & Response Time: As it is said – “first impression is the last impression”. Look at the response time of the first enquiry you post for the agency. It tells you a lot about how serious and methodical the agency is not just in responding to their potential customers but also with their existing clients. An effective communication is an indication that the agency will be able to understand your unique business requirements and detail it in the form of a preliminary documentation that makes sense to you.

2. Credibility through their Portfolio: Don’t just go by their sales pitch – real work speaks for itself. It does not really matter if the agency is just around the corner of your street or sitting thousand miles away from your business location, what really matters is the work and references that they share with you. You would definitely want to invest in an agency that is there to stay and not just another fly-by-night entity.

3. Depth of their Services & Technical expertise: Jack of all trades, master of none – this becomes an exception here. Your immediate requirements may just be to setup a website today, however, that’s not all. Your website not just needs constant updates to sustain in the ever-changing and evolving technology, but also needs to be promoted to reach your potential and targeted customers. It is always wise to learn more about all the services the agency provides so that you can reply on all your future needs to the same agency for better results and response-time.

4. Terms & Methodology of Service: You would want to be sure of what you are supposed to provide to the agency to get going and what you will eventually be delivered and not get stranded at the middle of the production with nowhere to go. Any initial deposits and payments to be made at each milestone of production such as approval of design template, content placement, final testing etc. should be clearly documented in the contract. It is always wise to have things in black and white – after all you are also looking to take this relationship with the agency a long way.

5. The price-points: It’s simple – a high quotation does not guarantee best quality and workability. Similarly, alarmingly cheap offers do not vouch for the completion or adaption of the product to your requirements. You should request for at least 3 quotations that you can compare. This will put you in a bird’s eye position and will help you decide better, keeping in mind all the other factors mentioned above.

We wish you the very best in your quest to select a web design agency that proves to deliver what your unique business model demands. For a no-obligation consultation and quote, please feel free to send us your enquiry as we’d be more than happy to help.