Ever wondered why your app got rejected by the Apple Store? In this article, we will debunk all the mistakes developers do that will surely make Apple Review Team reject your app. This would be very important to each and every app developer.

Usefulness of your app
If your app isn’t beneficial to a large group or population, well your app could be rejected. If your app was only made to benefit only a small group of people, I’m afraid that Apple would surely reject it. Your app should have enough functionality and features that would benefit and be useful to a large number of users.

Don’t Just rebuild your website
Apps that every developer creates are expected to meet Apple’s Human Interface Guideline. These guidelines are software development information that offers developers some recommendations. In layman’s terms, Apple wants your apps be also like Apple-ish and meet their design principles and standards. An app should look and feel like an app and not a website, as Apple wants. Apple also doesn’t like developers using the Apple branding in your app. Doing so would be surely a reject.

Exact App Descriptions
You should be making sure that your app contains a good description. There is a lot of room for you when doing your descriptions so you should make the most out of it. Convey to your users all of your app’s features and uses and what can it do. Apple loves this kind of information and leaving it empty handed or just the littlest of description can be the guarantee that your app is rejected. Don’t put in the description the price of your app as different countries do have also different currencies and may cause confusion to your international users. Just put the price, preferably in US Dollars, and let Apple do the currency conversion.

Plagiarism is a big no
Don’t plagiarize other developer’s work. Your Apps should be a hundred percent unique, new and fresh. It is always okay to poke out some existing ideas and somehow to an improvement or add new features to it on your app, but copying more than 70% of another app will surely earn you Apple’s thumbs down. I would also reject copied apps, to be honest.

Make and keep it lightweight
Ensure that your app’s .ipa file size isn’t too big. As of now, Apple allows apps to be downloaded over cellular network with file size of up to 100MB using the Apple App Store. If your app is bigger, chances are, your users would need to hook up on a Wi-Fi connection just to download your app, which makes it a hassle for your users, and instead got rejected. Also, your app should not freeze on its splash screen. It should only take around 10 seconds in its splash screen, and anything higher than that will not be promising to your users and hence, you would get a thumbs down from the reviewers. If your app does freeze for a long time, try to check on the process of developing your app, especially in the coding sector.

 And the usual ones
These things are very self-explanatory so let’s not waste too much of a time here.
-Apps that express ideas that are way deragotary, hateful and malicious towards religion, culture and ethnicity.
-Gambling and wagering apps are not allowed.
-No R-rated or X-rated content.
-Icons, whether it is in the size of 57×57 pixels or 512×512 pixels should be exactly the same.
-Paypal is not allowed as Apple should be used solely for in-app purchases.
-Wait for users to go to a next page before rotating or changing apps.
-Having users sign a user agreement is not allowed.

Don’t worry though if your app goes through the resolution center as Apple gives out reasons on why they rejected your app so you can have room for improvement. What you should do is fix the issue and try to upload again.

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