Effective call to actions make your websites complete. They are buttons or links placed on your websites that tells your customer to act on something, be it making a purchase, creating an account, signing up for a newsletter or anything. Sky is your limit.

Downside though is, not all CTAs are made equally. You need to use captivating and engaging language, approach and wordings to maximize your efforts and your CTAs and make them effective to your audience. It defines whether your customer actually converts or heads to the exit.

These are five underrated but very effective call to actions for your website that has surely yielded and was proven and tested to deliver amazing results.

Talk to Us

Businessmen like to engage and interact to customers. You can be tempted to ask your customers to comment, reply or post to increase customer interaction. However, these kinds of CTAs do not encourage them to do them as they are very generic, lacks excitement, and portrays like a chore.

You need to make your customers actually excited in order for them to interact with you. The talk to us CTA is a short, simple and straight to the point. It lets your audience like they’re part of your company and that their opinion matter to you. It tries to tell your customers that their opinions, concerns and queries will be actually listened and addressed.

Give Us a try

Website traffic is great in all forms, but traffic that actually produces customers is even better. But telling your customers to sign up here are to create an account doesn’t work as it doesn’t spark any engagement and doesn’t tell them why they should transact with you.

Instead, you could ask your customers to give you a try. It tries to tell your customer to just give you a try and it somehow build that trust and confidence to them that if something bad happens, their transaction with you is a hundred percent risk free.

Take me there!

It is a very witty CTA to put your web traffic to its rightful place. “Take me there” is a very powerful CTA because it encourages excitement by using exciting words and punctuation. What makes it very energetic is the presence of exclamation point and you read the CTA with enthusiasm.

The CTA also tries to tell your customer that you will be redirected to a very exciting and positive web page, thus molding their curiosity to your site more. Take me there is a very good CTA instead of using “continue” or “click here”.

Enhance your skills now

Urgency is a very amazing strategy for CTAs. Using the words now and today can be very beneficial although pairing them with such words equaling to phrases such as “sign up now” or “start today” is still pretty bland and lame.

There’s a huge difference between “access your membership today” and “get a membership.” Reason behind is, the prior makes the customer feel like they have to do it immediately in order to receive the benefit; it adds some excitement and anticipation to the CTA.

Use Our Service for One Month – on us!

Everyone loves freebies, right? Mixing it with a CTA that invokes urgency and excitement makes it very enticing to your prospect customers.

The vocabulary is also relaxed and friendly. It’s less intimidating than “sign up for one month” as this one also gives a feeling of fear. Instead, it lets the customer feel as if they’re in control and more importantly, that getting an account is like receiving a freebie.

Using effective CTAs on your website sends your customers on a direct path to becoming a conversion – whether or not they take the path depends on the CTAs you use. To better convert them into customers, make sure you take into consideration the CTAs we have suggested.